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Amy Franko

The Modern Seller: Win Business and Create Lifetime Value in the New Sales Economy
Elevating Relationship for Sales Results

Commoditization. The ROI Speedway. Invisible competitors. App-like mindsets. Less loyalty. Decision by committee. The Amazon Effect. RFP, RFP, RFP.

Welcome to the new sales economy. ​One that has created a complete evolution in professional selling, and it’s challenging ​everything about the way sales organizations operate. It’s disruptive. It’s transformational. ​But with the right sales approach, it’s also full of opportunity to win.

Are you ready for it?

The new sales economy requires ​Modern Sellers​. Modern selling is the solution to building life-long clients and creating exponential sales growth, no matter how unpredictable and disruptive the environment.


  • Discover the major trends creating chaos in your sales status quo (and with your clients)
  • Learn the five dimensions of The ​Modern Seller​ that ​every​ sales professional and sales leader needs for success today and into the future
  • Integrate these dimensions into your key sales strategies and activities

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“Your social capital directly impacts the quality of your relationships, your thought leadership, and your sales results.”

We live in a world that is hyper-connected. We’re less than two steps away from a key decision maker, influencer, or industry leader. So why is it that some sales professionals and sales leaders seem to effortlessly open relationship doors, while for others it’s a mighty struggle?

Two words: Social. Capital.

Social capital, otherwise known as our networks, is the most valuable currency in the sales profession. It goes beyond hyper-connectivity, into strategic relationships that create mutual reward, results and impact. Research shows that highly-successful organizations and individuals place a high value on social capital. They purposely invest it, knowing it has real benefits to the bottom line of business and life.


  • Connect the value of social capital to both organizations and individuals
  • Learn what can hold you back from cultivating strategic relationships
  • Define your purpose for creating relationships of value
  • Learn which type of person usually creates the best relationships (Hint: it’s not necessarily the extroverts!)
  • Apply a formula for developing a strategic network that yields business results and personal rewards – in a way that is genuine and adds value
  • Create and leverage diverse relationships with influencers and leaders in your organization and industry

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What is the #1 business development challenge that businesses face? It’s rising above the noise and differentiating yourself from your competitors.

When it comes to earning new clients and expanding existing ones, the status quo is no longer enough. Every professional needs to differentiate your organization by building client loyalty. Loyal clients are 3 times more likely to continue buying from you. You’re more likely to expand your services within that client for long-term, sustainable practice growth.

To successfully build loyalty, it takes leaders who are ambassadors. By building the Ambassador Factor, you’ll create better business development opportunities, expand the value of existing clients, and exceed your practice growth goals.

In this session, we will cover:

  1. Key trends impacting business development
  2. The top traits of modern business developers, with an emphasis on the Ambassador Factor
  3. Key value elements that are most important to our prospects and clients
  4. The differences between tables stakes (satisfaction) and differentiators (loyalty)
  5. Strategies to improve client loyalty