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Bill Fournet - TPG Speakers

Bill Fournet - Generational Diversity & Teams

Kris Reynolds - TPG Speakers

Clifton Taulbert - Event Intro

Clifton Taulbert - TEDx - When Others Matter, Lives Change

Dr. Paul Schempp - Extraordinary Habits

Kari Mirabal - Audience Q&A


Bill Fournet

Clifton Taulbert

Bob Carpenter

Paul Schempp

Kari Mirabal

Bill Fournet

The Power of Leadership

Bill Fournet is President and CEO of The Persimmon Group, the award-winning management consulting firm he founded in 2004. Bill loves to solve complex problems for organizations of all sizes, and remains hands-on at Persimmon, consulting clients of all sizes and in many verticals. A sought-after speaker on Generational Diversity, Leadership and Project Management, Bill believes “we are in the midst of a great transformation.” From technology to generational issues, Bill analyzes workforce trends to help you understand the future of work and how to stay ahead in times of uncertainty.

Clifton Taulbert

The Power of Community

According to Clifton L. Taulbert, noted author, entrepreneur businessman and Pulitzer Prize nominee, he could have failed had he not encountered community builders and entrepreneurial thinkers early on in his life.

Today Taulbert is the President and CEO of the Freemount Corporation (a human capital development company) serving clients nationally and internationally-Fortune 500 Companies, small businesses, federal agencies, professional organizations, community colleges and K-12 leadership.

Bob Carpenter

The Power of Audiences

Emmy Award winner Bob Carpenter, TV play-by-play announcer for MLB’s Washington Nationals, has been described as “one of sports broadcasting’s busiest announcers”. Bob is a crafted storyteller with strong charisma whose abilities in the booth delight fans all over. Whether sitting at home in front of the TV, or at an event where Bob is the keynote or emcee, audience members love Bob’s quick wit, passion and knowledge. From his trademarked homerun phrase, “See … You … Later!” to his recent quip calling the Nats’ star hitters “The Boys of Lumber”, Bob gives a dynamic and regaling voice to the action on and off the field.

Paul Schempp

The Power of Performance

Paul Schempp is known as The Expert on Expertise. As a professor, researcher and author, Paul has dedicated his professional life to helping people reach their full potential through researching and testing what it takes to achieve greatness.

At the University of Georgia, where Paul is a professor as well as the Director of the Sport Instruction Research Laboratory, he has spent more than two decades studying the characteristics and development of expertise and human performance. Paul’s research is the basis of his fascinating programs, which help attendees achieve peak performance in business and in their personal lives.

Kari Mirabal

The Power of Connection

Kari Mirabal, The Connection Coach, is an expert on smart networking strategies. Her presentations challenge audiences to leverage the power of connection to build and grow strong, authentic relationships. Kari shares knowledge and secrets learned from her time as an executive IT recruiter and career coach. From sales staff to HR professionals, audiences appreciate her expert knowledge as she helps them unleash their full networking potential.

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